Historyish stuff

Members of the band were

Scapedog was a campus band at Carleton College from 1990 to 1993. We played at a lot of campus events and in the Cave fairly regularly. People didn't seem to mind us all that much, despite the fact that we wrote most of the songs we played in the first six months of our existence and then just kept playing them until we graduated. If we were ever to put out an album, it should have been entitled "Junkyard Goat."

For our first semester as a band, we were called Happy and the Rabbithead, but the lineup was slightly different then as well (in particular, Peter Solomon was playing guitar instead of Jack, who was in France). The songs Homey in Your Skull, Letter Home, and Into the V date back to those days.

The pictures above show Scapedog playing at a Carleton band event (Maifete) back in 1993. From left to right (both pictures), that's Stuart, Paul, Jack, and Dave. The weather wasn't all that good that year, but as you can see from the lower photo, the excitement in the air was palpable.

We never played much outside of Northfield, though we did get a song on a compilation tape of college bands produced by a local record store (Red Pets Records). The tape was unwisely titled Northfield, A Special Tape, which was supposed to be a play on an obsolete "Welcome to Northfield" sign that used to read "Northfield: A Special Place." Fortunately, good sense prevailed in this small Minnesota town, and this welcome sign was soon replaced by the original sign that used to be there, which reads "Northfield: Cows, Colleges, and Contentment."

Musicish stuff

Well, you're in for a treat. At some point, years ago, Paul cut & pasted & mixed & equalized and come up with what he considered the best versions of these songs there can be (taking into consideration limitations of the source). Commence rocking.

US -- (Scapedog originals)

US -- Screwing around

We wrote a lot of our songs. But we played a couple of other originals too.

THEM -- (Covers)

Of course, bands cannot live on originals alone. We covered a few things, and some were even worth sampling. A subset of those are below.

Other -- (??)

Lyrics and Posters

The lyrics and posters are contained on a subpage, which you can get to by clicking yonder -->

Whatever's Left

I didn't know where else to put the Scapedog poetry. First there is Jack's original
doggy poem and then there's Dave's followup masterpiece. Neither one has a title as far as anyone knows. Nor does either make any sense. Oh well.

Dave, Stuart, and Paul also had a radio show on KRLX at Carleton for a while, called FM in the AM that ran Friday mornings 1:30-3:30AM. Amazingly, we played almost no Scapedog on the air.